Rockin'Jelly Bean produced Erostika in 2004. And We proudly create Rockin'Jelly Bean limited silk screen print, T-shirt and many more products. Also, we support and manage Rockin'Jelly Bean to collaborate with other brand, movies and musicians.

世界的ローブローアーティストRockin'Jelly Beanプロデュースの下、2004年原宿にオープン。 以来、「TOTALLY SHAMELESS, DIRTY AND OBSCENE」をテーマにしたオリジナルブランドEROSTIKAを中心に、ポスター、アパレルなどのプロデュースや販売を手がける。 また、他のアパレルブランドとRockin'Jelly Beanとのコラボレーションのバックアップや、映画、音楽といった方面とのコラボレーションも多数手がける。

Rockin'Jelly Bean

Rockin' Jelly Bean has become world known for his lachivious and wildly imaginative depictions of beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women. Despite his level of renown and infamy, he is known to sport a Lucha doll mask at all times and is said to never appear in public without it. Stylistically influenced by such artists as Ed Roth, Robert Williams and Robert Crumb, he started his career in Tokyo in 1990,following in their low-brow footsteps. In the late 90s,he relocated to LA where he started up his original brand EROSTY POP. In 2004,he established EROSTICA as his official shop and continues to create cool n rockin' art work. "KILLER CONDOME”(German film) Movie Poster art (1996) MODE GAKUEN promotional movie, TV-CF (2008) Dr PepperR / Package Graphics / illustration (2006) EVANGELION:2.0 x Rockin'Jelly Bean collaboration T-shirt design (2010) "Kill Bill" Mondo Silk print poster (2013) FUJI ROCK FESTIVALT shirt design (2004~) Website : http://www.rockinjellybean.com/

音楽と密接な関係にある彼のアート・スタイルは日本のインディー GARAGE PUNKシーンにてフライヤー、ジャケットなどをキャリアの原点としている。 さらに活動は国内外、インディー、メジャーの枠を越え拡張し、現代美術の世界まで及ぶ。96年の渡米をきっかけにLOW BLOW ARTシーンでの活躍の場を見いだした彼はCOOP、KOZIKなどと共にグループ展に参加。それと同時にブランド「EROSTY POP!」を設立。7年間のL.A.での活動ののち、2004年には原宿にショップ「EROSTIKA」をプロデュース。

代表的な作品: 映画「キラーコンドーム」メインビジュアル(1996) モード学園'08年TVCM (2008) Dr PepperR  パッケージアート (2006) ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:破 x Rockin'Jelly Bean コラボレーションTシャツデザイン(2010) 映画「キルビル」Mondo社製シルクポスター(2013) FUJI ROCK FESTIVALTシャツデザイン(2004~) Website : http://www.rockinjellybean.com/


The weirdly attractive culture created by the Mondo films of the 1970s shot across the popular imagination only to vanish in the space of a few short years. In order to hit it big, there are certain rules to be respected, and the surest shortcut to success has been to follow in the footsteps of another. So, take a lesson from the countless exploitation flics of the 1970s: to succeed takes money. And the rules for raisingit have not changed very much at all. It is a totally shameless, dirty and obscene undertaking. Let me repeat: shameless, dirty and obscene. Ah, the very words that resonate for me when I consider the drawings of Rockin’Jelly Bean! His work speaks to a more fundamental human desire than even money. Yes, you know what I mean. I know that I am not the only one to have been moved in this way as the work of Rockin’ Jelly Bean rocks and rolls on, leaving us struggling to keep up, slack-jawed. What turn will his next work take? How will he find new ways to surprise us? It's enough to set off the kind of crazy imaginings that can only end in orgasm. Relax, brothers and sisters, our immediate answer is here in “Erostika.”To go there, is to take in hand Rockin'Jelly Bean's latest work, and what, Iask, could be better than that? From the bottom of my heart I welcome the opening of “Erostika.” And, if you’ll permit me, I would like to come back from beyond the grave to say simply this: Arigato. Russ Meyer
[Text by Wild OX & Kevin Klolicki]